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Proudly Serving The Muslim Community

WHO WE ARE: MPIREZ “Empires” is a UK based organisation, founded on the fundamental principles of unity coupled with a real understanding of the struggles and needs within our community. We are a socially conscious company that believes in giving back to our communities – changing lives by creating self- sufficiency and sustainability – making a difference in the world.

Our founder is an educator, an immigrant, a revert, a small business owner, a mother, and a volunteer who strongly believes that education is one of the key vehicles to success. As a mother, she wants to build a strong and supportive community for the future generation with a hope to leave a real legacy for her family. As an immigrant she understands the difficulties of relocating and adjusting to a new environment. As a small business owner she knows what it takes to develop and build a successful business in today’s marketplace and social environment.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our Goal: To inspire, empower and motivate our community to excel in all environments.

Our Mission: To become a “halal” global trading platform that provides quality, economically viable products and services, while being one of the most customer centric organizations.


We provide the platform for :


Business listing directory for you to be found locally and internationally

We also offer e-Commerce where you can buy and sell with no money and batter the traditional way.

We offer group advertisement on TV and YouTube to make the cost affordable for our customers.


WHY WE DO IT: We feel a deep need to keep our money within the Muslim community so we can make a difference to the lives of our people. We need your help to build a strong vibrant Muslim community based on sharing and supporting each other.. With the 2.18 billion Muslims in the world this is possible. This way we are stronger, we can deal with issues happening around us because we have the financial backing of our people and we must also employ and educate each other. Unity is strength.

Our founder identified within our community and beyond a real need for the products and services that we provide and along the way discovered a real need for programs to help immigrant business owners thrive, to help the refugee and entrepreneur to start their own business. WE BELIEVE IN GIVING BACK: We believe in giving back to the community by giving a percentage of our profits to “charitable” causes, and also started a fund development campaign to begin our business aid program that will assist in giving start-up business loans. We need your support to make this happen.

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