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Starting at only £25 per month

Here at Mpirez we understand that businesses are at different level of finance, therefore we have created our TV package to suit all budgets. You can find group packages to make it affordable and giving everyone the chance to expose their business to a wider audience. Whether you are a new start-up, growing or established there is a package suitable for you.

TV viewership is booming

New figures show that TV viewing in the UK is on the rise with the average person watching 4 hours and 4 minutes of TV per last year. TV promotion gives you an unrivalled level of exposure for your business or organisation.

Brand Value

Studies have shown that TV is the most effective generator of brand value and on average pays back 4.55 times increased sales, 30 % more than traditional press.

A strong relationship has been found between the amount of TV time a brand receives and its perceived value by the consumer. Appearing on TV not only gives you prominence, but a perceived level of importance too (Islam TV Channel Media Pack 2016)

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