Frequently Asked Question

How are items priced?

You set the item price for your entire catalogue.

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How are refunds handled?

You will manage refunds resulting from valid returns through Seller Center.

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How can my business be considered for MpirezMarketplace?

Click “Apply Now” on Mpirez Marketplace homepage and complete the application. If approved, you’ll acknowledge our Retailer Agreement and thenstart the onboarding process to get your products on

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How do I check for and process orders?

You will receive orders in Seller Center, and during your set business hours, you must
frequently check your queues to ensure that orders are processed promptly. You can also set your own company business hours and days of service to address vacation and personal time off.

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How do I populate and manage my listing and promote my items?

You can manage your listings through tools in Seller Center,by entering your promotional price or offer a coupon.

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How long before I can start selling on MpirezMarketplace?

Start by completing the Seller Application, which should take about 10 minutes. The approval process takes around 1-2 weeks. Ifapproved, onboarding and integration generally take 2-4 weeks.

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If approved, what fees do I have to pay?

There are no setup, subscription or monthly fees. We simply deduct a reasonable referral fee once a sale occurs onour site.

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So, what’s the catch?

No catch. No setup, monthly or annual fees either. Referral fees are only deducted when your item sells. Youcan pause or resume selling on MpirezMarketplace at any time with no financial penalties.

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What about fraud?

Before you receive a credit card order, our security system checks for fraud. We recommend requiring a signaturefor delivery of high-value orders.

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What about returns and customer service?

You control, specify and manage your return policy in Seller Center. Your customer service information (including customer service email address, hours of operation and customer service phone number) are clearly displayed in your item listings on

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What about sales tax?

We recommendyou consult your tax professional to determine which setting is best. We recommend you add this to your price.

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What about SKU minimums/maximums and limited-specialty inventory?

There are no SKU minimums or maximums, so list your entire catalog of eligible items with us. Limited inventorycan be managed by setting a fixed threshold. Items without inventory are not available for sale on

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What are the shipping requirements?

You can select the carriers, shipping price and shipping method when you set up your Seller profile in SellerCenter. Orders must be shipped in non-branded packaging and can’tinclude materials from any company other than Mpirez. You may include your own business cards with

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What is the payment schedule and method?

Payments will be automatically deposited into your preferred U.K. bank account every three weeks. This may be different for the international transaction which may be 21 days.

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What isMpirez Marketplace’s commission structure?

Our competitive referral fees percentages vary by category. Please see our section on referral fees.

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What seller qualities doesMpirezMarketplace look for?

We are looking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide first-class customer service, a compellingproduct assortment, competitive pricing and fast, reliable fulfillment.

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What types of items can I sell on Mpirez Marketplace?

You can sell just about anything which is halal on our site. However, we require all Sellers to follow the law and our policies, soplease review our Prohibited Products Policy.

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What will my items look like on the site?

They will look like other items that are being sold on but include your company information, such as shipping,return policy and contact information.

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Where will my items appear?

Your items will appear on, alongside all items being sold by Mpirezand other Marketplace Sellers.Your items will also be found on the other major platforms such as Amazonand eBay, if you have chosen these platforms.

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Who pays the credit card fees?

Credit Card fees are already calculated into our competitive referral fees.

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Why should my business partner withMpirezMarketplace?

MpirezMarketplace is an invitation-only, professional seller community that fosters success. You have the opportunity to reach over millions of unique visitors a month. We promote your business on TV, social media and we sell your products through our site as well as the main popular websites saving you the hassle.

Selling on our platform you have control over your business, including inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment and customer care.

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