YouTube Packages

How does YouTube promotion video sharing works?

Each group is made up of 5 people sharing a 30 seconds slot time . This will be seen as 1 group made up of 5 people. Each person in this group will have 6 seconds out of 30 seconds air time on YouTube. You may if you wish make videos longer, but for advertisement purposes we recommend 30 seconds. But for explanation videos could be longer.

Get Views, Subscribers, Purchases, Awareness of brand, Making new fans

When promoting your video collectively you must within your video decide what course of action you want to take. For example do you want someone to like your Facebook page? Then you will need to indicate within the video what you want by providing the necessary links.

What we offer

We help you expand the reach of your video and in many cases, help give it the viral spark it may need! Your video will be shown to audiences outside of YouTube and advertised on websites and blogs that align with your video’s theme.

Who will see my video? How do I determine who sees it?

Advertising with Mpirez gives you full control over who sees your video. Please inform us which website categories you desire and countries right from setup and we will take care of it for you.

How will it be displayed on sites?

Our partner has relationships with hundreds of website and blog owners to help promote your video. Website owners have various ways of promoting your video but you only pay when a user actively watches your video.

Where will it be displayed?

Our partner website owners will feature your video in prime viewing areas, and in many cases, right on their front page!

How much does it cost?

.You only pay when a visitor actively clicks on your video. You’ll pay the group fee that has been charged.

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Image Product Name Price Quantity
5000 Views Groups of 10 People£25.00
10,000 Views Groups of 10 People£40.00
5000 Views Groups of 5 People£40.00
10,000 Views Groups of 5 People£70.00
5000 Views Groups of 2 People£85.00
50,000 Views Groups of 10 People£160.00
10,000 Views Groups of 2 People£160.00
100,000 Views Groups of 10 People£300.00
50,000 Views Groups of 5 People£310.00
100,000 Views Groups of 5 People£600.00
50,000 Views Groups of 2 People£760.00
100,000 Views Groups of 2 People£1,500.00
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